Drop Off Form

Drop Off Form 
Copy everything on this page and print to get this form

Ann’s Quilt N’ Stuff
Ann Olson
Name ____________­­­_________
Date  ____________
Mailing Address_____________________           
Phone ___________________________Text  ( Y  or N)  email____________________________
Quilt Description:

Quilting Instructions:  Please check the circle for style you want
O A) Edge-to-Edge Basic ---$.012 per square inch     
O B) Edge-to-Edge Regular ---$.015                           
O B+) Edge-to-Edge Detail---$.018                           
O C) Custom Freehand Basic ---$.02
O C+) Custom Freehand Detail ---$.025                     
O D) Custom Artistic Basic ---$.03
O D+) Custom Artistic Detail ---$.035 
O E) Extreme Quilting---starting at $.04

O For a Guy, so no flowers

O Please call me to discuss.
O You choose, but stay in my budget of $_______
O Piece my backing ($7 per seam)
O Design #___


O  Solid O Variegated  O  Metallic    
O  I want it to blend 
O  I want it to show/contrast  
O  You choose    

I provided my own
O Hobbs 80/20 
O Hobbs 100% Bleached Cotton  
O Hobbs 100% Poly  
O Warm & Natural
O Bamboo/cotton blend  

O  Stitch to the front only 
O  Machine Finished  
O  Hand Finished 
O I will do my own

Date Needed __________

  (Rush fee may apply)  

Cash or Check payment is due when picking up your quilt.  Please make check payable to Ann Olson.   
Please mark here If you would like to pay by 
O  Credit Card or O  Paypal (your paypal email ____________________________________)
I do use pictures of customer’s quilts and my quilting for promotional purposes for my quilting service on the web.  
If you do not wish for your quilts to be used, please check here O