Friday, September 30, 2011

A quilt I had the privilege of working on that is going to be in an auction for a breast cancer research.

This is a quilt that I have the privilege of completing with my long arm quilting machine that was made by a customer for a breast cancer research auction.  The first set of photos you see is me working on the quilt. Look through those and then I will mention more about the completed project farther down on this page. 

 I quilted  pink breast cancer bows to go along with the backing fabric.  Now they go back to its owner for binding and then entering into that breast-cancer auction. We’re hoping it raises a lot of money for breast cancer research.   Here are the completed photos of what I did on the quilt.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Up cycled 50's sewing machine part now a pin cushion bobbin holder.

My husband Pete took this wheel pulley from a 1950's pink Atlas sewing machine and found that it held my Singer featherweight bobbins very well along with a nice opening in the middle where he inserted a pincushion that he made. The Atlas machine no longer work so he decided to completely dismantle it end up-cycle the parts into different things to use. Once he took an old Nicchi sewing machine and made a flower planter out of it. From what I hear from old friends it is still sitting in part of the flower bed on the front of our old house we used to own in Forsyth, Montana before we moved to Oklahoma four years ago. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 60th birthday to my 1951Centennial Singer Featherweight.

 Happy 60th Birthday to my 1951 Centennial Singer Featherweight and a happy 160th anniversary of the Singer sewing machine.

 I bought this featherweight at an antique store in Butte, Montana in 2003.

 I have pieced a lot of quilts and done a lot of binding on this wonderful sewing machine.  My husband Pete even uses it and helps me with the quilting business.
 Pete is currently working on a mug rug.
This sewing machine runs wonderfully.  It is the smoothest sounding sewing machine I have ever used. It does an awesome straight stitch and is very lightweight. Many quilters like to use these featherweights because  they are so portable.