Edge to edge & custom hand-guided & robotic longarm machine quilting


by Ann Olson

I quilt with 4 long arm quilting machines. I use 2 Nolting's, 1 Gammill Statler Stitcher Ascend and 1 Innova 26 with Autopilot Mach 3. All four are Commercial Long-arm Quilting Machines and my frame systems will do a quilt up to 122” wide. 

Minimum charge for edge tp edge quilting is $50.00 and Custom Minimum is $75.00. 
Square Inches are figured by taking the Width x Height of the quilt top.

On  A through B+ there are available computer patterns that you can choose by clicking this link. http://annsquiltnstuff.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

One thread choice with all Edge-to-Edge styles.

A) Edge-to-Edge Basic ---$.015 per square inch( psi) - Continuous edge-to-edge quilting (E2E) of a large loose design repeatedly without regard to blocks or borders.

B) Edge-to-Edge Regular ---$.02 psi Continuous E2E quilting of more complicated design. 

B+) Edge-to-Edge Detail---$.025 psi - Fancy or dense E2E quilting with one thread choice.  

Multiple thread choices are available with all Custom styles. (extra thread charge per color)

C) Custom Basic ---$.03 psi -Quilting for a few separate borders and E2E in main body of quilt. Or Simple Motifs in large blocks and separate borders. 

C+) Custom Regular ---$.035 psi -Quilting designs for sashing, borders, blocks.

D) Custom Detail ---$.04 psi- Detailed designs for sashing, borders and blocks

D+)Custom Advanced ---$.045 psi - More detail, small individual blocks, lots of unique design work. Echo quilting, art or landscape quilting. 

E) Extreme Quilting ---starting at $.05 per square inch - Graffiti, Ruler Work, dense filler background designs around motifs.
Start To Finish Quilts or Special Projects--- Please contact me with your ideas/ needs or wants for pricing quote.  

Thread - Solid Color Thread $6.00,  Variegated or Metallic Thread $8.00

Straight-edge Binding Service- 
Option 1) Double-fold Binding is machine stitched to the front of the quilt top, trimmed, corners mitered and ready for you to hand stitch to the back.
Crib $15 (include ½ yard binding fabric)                    Twin - $20 (¾ yard)
Full/double - $25 (¾ yard)            Queen -$30 ( ¾ yard fabric)         King -$35 (1 yard fabric)

Option 2) Double-fold Binding is machine stitched to the quilt top and machine stitched to the back for washing durability.
Crib $30 (include ½ yard binding fabric)                    Twin - $35 (¾ yard)
Full/double - $40 (¾ yard)            Queen -$45 ( ¾ yard fabric)         King -$50 (1 yard fabric)

Option 3) Double-fold Binding is machine stitched to the quilt top and hand stitched to the back.   
Crib $35 (include ½ yard binding fabric)                    Twin - $45 (¾ yard)
Full/double - $55 (¾ yard)            Queen -$65 ( ¾ yard fabric)         King -$75 (1 yard fabric)

 Batting available for purchase to be used with quilting service
Hobbs Heirloom Natural or Black 80/20 -   It is 80% cotton and 20% polyester and shrinks about 3%, which is on the low side for cotton battings.
Crib – 45” x 60” … $15       Throw – 60” x 60” ...$20        Twin – 72 x 96 .. $24                
Full – 81 x 96  …$29            Queen – 90 x108 …$34           King – 120x120 …$40
Hobbs Tuscany Collection 100% Bleached Cotton -This cotton starts with fine bleached cotton that is needle punched. The batting will shrink 3-5% like all 100% cotton battings. 
Crib -45” x 60” $18          Throw – 60” x 60” … $25        Twin – 72 x 96  $29
Full 81 x 96   $34            Queen – 90x108 …$40                King – 120x120 …$50

Warm and Natural - 100% cotton
 Crib -45” x 60” $20      Throw – 60” x 60” … $28    Twin – 72 x 96  … $34                       
Full 81 x 96   $37               Queen – 90x108 …$49            King – 120x124 …$58

Bamboo Blend – 50/50 Bamboo/cotton, durable, antibacterial, shrink 2-5%.
Crib -45” x 60” $19     Throw – 60” x 60” … $26    Twin – 72 x 96  … $29                       
Full 81 x 96   $30               Queen – 90x108 …$39           King – 120x120 …$45

Prices and availability subject to change at any time.  

Quilt Preparation

 Trim loose threads, press the top and backing. 

Please place a safety pin at the head of your Quilt Top and Backing.

Please have your Backing pieced and ready to quilt. (or I will charge you $10 per seam)

The Batting and Backing fabric must have a minimum of 8"- 10" larger than your quilt top. (This allows for loading on the frames and shrinkage during quilting process.)   Example - Quilt top measures 60 x 80", batting and backing should be minimum of 68  x 88".

Please do not pin your Quilt layers together.  Thank You!

Special instructions for diagonal or tilted quilting designs.

Extra $50 charge.  The back needs to be a square the length of the diagonal measurement of the quilt top plus 6 inches. This measurement must be less than 122 inches in order to be loaded on my frame. The back fabric should be non-directional.

     When mailing include your Quilt Top and Backing fabric (optional –Batting and/or Binding fabric).  Any instructions – thread color if you have a preference, design ideas or wants if have them (ex; for a male - so no flowers).  Please include your email, return address and phone number.

For mailing safety do not label package “quilt”.

I will email you to let you know your quilt(s) arrived and also when I ship it out again.

I use USPS Priority shipping with tracking and insurance for return of your quilt.   Cost is approximately $18 for crib, $22 for twin, $27 for Full/Queen, $30 for  King. 

Payment can be sent through Paypal (using my email: annsquiltnstuff@yahoo.com) or include a personal check payable to Ann Olson.

Send quilts to,   Ann Olson, 8806 S 198th East Ave, Broken Arrow, Ok 74014

Local Drop off and Pick up: Please call, text or message me in Facebook or email so I know your quilt is waiting for me at the following stores!  Thank You!

The Quilting Studio and Fabric Mercantile 
5151-C South Mingo, Tulsa, OK 
Monday - Saturday 9-5

Southern Comforts Quilting
1603 N Highway 66 Suite 1  Catoosa, OK
Monday - Friday 10-6 
Saturday 10-3

B-Sew Inn 
5235 S. Sheridan Rd. Tulsa, OK
Monday - Saturday 10-6

Quilts can also be dropped off by appointment at our home in Broken Arrow. Call or text me at 918-606-6344 to set up a time.
Any other questions, price quote or my mailing address please email and I will be happy to help.  My current turn around time for "Edge to Edge and Light Custom" is 4 weeks.  Custom detailed quilting my "C+" through "E" range the turnaround time is 8 weeks. Some custom may take longer.  Add a week for hand Binding service. 

I do use pictures of customer’s quilts and my quilting for promotional purposes for my quilting service on the web. If you do not wish for your quilts to be used, please let me know.

                               Looking forward to quilting for you!

                                                   Ann Olson

                                email:  annsquiltnstuff@yahoo.com

                                          Phone - 918-606-6344