Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quilting a beautiful bear quilt for, "At the Bright Spot"!!

Ann has been longarm quilting for one of our friends and great customers Jennifer Satterfield of Knoxville, Tennessee for the last few years. Jennifer helps keep Ann busy as she sends her many quilts. Jennifer has a Etsy Store called, "At the Bright Spot" (that name came about because Jennifer's husband would call her his bright spot). At her store she sells her beautiful quilted items. Some of these larger quilts have been longarm quilted by Ann, but Jennifer did all the beautiful piecing. In this blog I will be showcasing some of Jennifer's work that she has worked on, these photos are some photos that we took of Jennifer's quilts while in the process of finishing them. I will also have a link to each featured quilt that is for sale at her store. You can see some of her amazing work here at this link for, "At the Bright Spot"

This is a very unique and beautiful bear quilt that Ann had the privilege of working on. 
The first photo is the wonderful bear quilt that Jennifer pieced before Ann began working on it.

The next four photos is the quilting that Ann performed with her long arm quilting machine.

This quilt is available in Jennifer's store at this link,

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