Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Turning your vintage quilt tops and blocks into an heirloom treasure.

Do you have "UFO"'s (Unfinished quilt tops or blocks) in your house?
Maybe made by Mom, Grandma, Great-grandma, or another family member and you don't know what to do with them?

 I can help you take these family works of art
and turn them into an heirloom to be used and treasured for years to come.

Blocks like these will need more fabric added to frame each block.  A favorite color can be chosen to add around each block and help to unify the quilt and bring it all together,

 Sashing and cornerstones are added to these Sunbonnet Sues.  Then they are pieced together and made into a quilt top.

If you do piece a quilt like this and need help in finishing it, one of my two Nolting long arm quilting machines and I will be glad to help you.  It doesn't even have to be a Quilt like this one; it can be any quilt.  Some of these photos below can give you an idea of what is possible on your heirloom quilt. 

These vintage blocks may be close to 85 years old
 and now an heirloom quilt to be enjoyed and treasured.

All complete and even a pillow with a leftover block!

This Indian girl quilt top came to me to finish.

All finished, binding too and ready to go home.

Some wonderful fishing boy blocks lovingly made for a grandson's first quilt. 
Stored away for many years as grandma was too busy to finish this project. 
Discovered many years later and brought to me to
to make a quilt for that son's son, the first great-grand child!

There were enough blocks that we actually made a twin size quilt and a crib-size quilt!

I had fun adding the details in thread that told the story of going fishing.  Sometimes you catch a fish,
sometimes you don't.  But there are adventures along the way, like rabbits and butterflies to chase, turtles to watch, trees to climb, apples to eat and snakes to watch out for. 

I spy a turtle. 
So if you have unfinished blocks or vintage tops laying around that you
don't know what to do with, let me help you turn them into a quilt that will
last for a lifetime and beyond. 


  1. These are all so cute Ann!!! You brought them to life to be enjoyed!!!

  2. Really cute quilts and ideas - thanks for sharing Lindy from AngelKruiser1@yahoo.com