Sunday, March 24, 2013

A quilted table runner I made for my Etsy shop.

This is a quilted table runner I made for Etsy. In this blog I will be showing the process of quilting and finishing this great quilted table runner.
 After piecing it together I put it on my long arm quilting machine and began quilting it.
Trimming the threads as I go.
Pete calls this my superhero pose, really I'm thinking about what to do next on the quilt.
After I'm done it's time to trim it off the frame. 

 Then it is time to leave quilting room 2 and proceed to quilting room 1 for more cutting.
 I can't imagine what quilting was like before the invention of the rotary cutter.
 The next step is to program, "Nina" the Bernina for some decorative stitches in order to sew some extra embellishments onto this table runner.

"Nina" the Bernina 630 E has over 400 wonderful stitches to choose from.
I love the way this checkered stitch looks. 
 After Nina has sewn on the embellishment strips, it is time to go to "Bernie" the Bernina 830 for some binding with his walking foot.
Even though Bernie was made in 1976 he is a definite workhorse. He is in wonderful condition and I was so blessed that Pete found this Bernina for $35 on craigslist.  Bernie has a twin brother named Ernie who is another 830 from 1976 we found for $100.  Old Bernina 830's in this condition sell for over $1500 on eBay, so we definitely found some great deals.
After putting on the back side of the binding with Bernie it is time for hand binding the front.
 I do my hand binding sometimes in front of the computer and sometimes in front of the TV. 
 And here is the finished project.
 A beautiful table runner ready to go to on Etsy.

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