Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quilting Product Review: Clover Wonder Clips

This is a wonderful product that Ann has recently purchased .
In the picture above and is working on an apple core quilt that she completed for a customer who is a friend of ours from our church. These clips were a great help in hand binding this wavy quilt.
Here is a close-up view of what the clip looks like.
These clips come 10 to a package and are very reasonably priced at less than a dollar a clip.
 The clips hold the binding down very well so she is able to sew it to the quilt.
 One of the services Ann offers besides long arm machine quilting is machine and hand binding. She's able to relax, sit down and watch TV while she binds. She is a great multitasker.
She is almost to the end of the quilt and the clips have done a great job.
 Here is a photo of the completed apple core quilt. 
Thanks to the help of the Clover Wonder Clips the binding looks great.

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  1. I initially ordered these for quilt making, and had to order a few more because I practically use them for just about anything. These clips are super strong and very durable. It keeps food from getting stale. It keeps my kitchen towels where I want them. I even use these for my's even better than paper clips. You will find so many uses for these.