Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quilting for, "At the Bright Spot"!!

Ann has been longarm quilting for one of our friends and great customers Jennifer Satterfield of Knoxville, Tennessee for the last two years. Jennifer helps keep Ann busy as she sends her at least one quilt a month sometimes even more. Jennifer has a Etsy Store called, "At the Bright Spot" (that name came about because Jennifer's husband would call her his bright spot). At her store she sells her beautiful quilted items. Some of these larger quilts have been longarm quilted by Ann, but Jennifer did all the beautiful piecing. In this blog I will be showcasing some of Jennifer's work that she has worked on, these photos are some photos that we took of Jennifer's quilts while in the process of finishing them. I will also have a link to each featured quilt that is for sale at her store. You can see some of her amazing work here at this link for, "At the Bright Spot"

This first beautiful quilt are some chevrons that Jennifer pieced together.

 Here is the back of the quilt, you can really see the white thread showing through on the back.
When Ann is done with a quilt she always brushes off each side of the quilt and trims any excess threads to make sure it looks great for the customer. Surprisingly this is not something that all professional longarm quilters do. 
Here is the link to that beautiful red and white chevron quilt.

This is a beautiful quilt made with  a type of fabric called Batik.
Batiks are gorgeous hand dyed fabrics.  You can see the full-size quilt that is for sale here at this link.

Here is another beautiful Chevron quilt that is just amazing. 
This quilt was completed by Ann on our smaller Nolting longarm. In quilting room #1.
 On this beautiful chevron quilt Jennifer used different shades that cascaded from lighter to darker of the two colors. One thing I love about this photo above is how great our Nolting 16 looks with it. Ann's favorite color is purple and lavender is a shade of purple that is one of the reasons she loves this machine and this quilt.
 Here is Jennifer's quilt hanging on Ann's display wall behind her larger long arm machine in quilting room #2. Ann likes to hang quilt tops up on the wall that way while she's working on one quilt on the frame she can be thinking about what she's going to be doing on the next quilt that is hanging on the wall.
Here is the back of that beautiful quilt. Ann had a lot of fun with this quilt as you can see from this rear view.
Here is the link to that beautiful quilt completed quilt at Jennifer's store.


  1. Love the quilting pattern you did on the red and white chevron, Ann. You are the best!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my shop! You do wonderful work!