Monday, January 21, 2013

What a quilter does with thread she just can't throw away. She makes a scarf out of them.

What a quilter does with thread she just can't throw away.

I started this project with some wash away embroidery stabilizer.
The first thing I did was to take the Aquamesh and pin it to my Longarm frame.

Then I made a stabilizing grid of thread.
This is the first time long arm quilting anything where I have been able to 
watch the bottom of my machine while I'm stitching the thread down 
 I made a crosshatching grid of thread in order to hold the bottom layer of the scarf together.
 Then I took a whole bunch of loose thread that was left over from the last two years of quilting. These threads are the excess trimmed threads that come from long arm quilting. I took all this thread and laid it on the grid I created.
Then I took another layer of Aquamesh and laid it on top of it. 
 I then quilted another grid through all the layers.
Then I pulled off my red snappers and removed it from the frame. 
Here is what it looked like after I quilted it not quite a scarf yet. 
 Then it was time to stretch it out and trim off the excess Aquamesh to be used in other projects.
 I then took my project to the kitchen sink and proceeded to rinse it in warm water.
 It's pretty amazing all the Aquamesh just washes away. 
Basically it was like washing the fabric of the quilt away and all I'm left with is thread.
 After quite a while of washing all the sticky gooey Aquamesh away I had my scarf made entirely of thread.
 Then it was time to go to the drying rack overnight.
 The next morning it was dry and ready to wear. 
 Now that I have it on my outfit is complete.
This scarf looks great with my earrings my husband Pete made me.
They are upcycled from the control dials off of an old 
Viking 6460 sewing machine.
Colorful on one side and silver on the other.

On extra note, if the scarf feels stiff the after drying hand wash it again and let it dry and that should take care of any issues. But it should be very soft and comfy to wear.


  1. Ann, this is a awesome scarf.....I can see more coming from your talented hands!

    The hubby was just telling me as we were looking this, how he has been sitting and looking at all the detail work you did on my wonky quilt.....he said he doesn't know how you do are good with that Nolting!

  2. Your scarf turned out beautiful! What a great use of something that would normally end up in the trash!

  3. Wow, I've done similar things on a small scale on my home Bernina, but I've never seen it done large-scale on a longarm. Wonderful.

    1. Yes it was pretty easy on the long arm, it's wonderful that you own a Bernina, I've got three of them a 2007 Bernina 630E "Nina" and two 1976 Bernina 830 record's "Bernie" and "Ernie". Plus we sell Bernina's at the quilt store I work at when I'm not quilting for other people. So I'm around Bernina's all the time.