Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reproduction Civil War quilt that I am working on for a customer.

Reproduction Civil War quilt that I quilted for a customer and am in the process of hand binding.

This is a beautiful quilt I have the privilege of working on.
 Here I am debating about what to do next. When I free motion quilt, ideas come to me as I'm moving down the quilt. My husband Pete calls this my super hero pose.
 I got my idea and I'm on to the next part.
 I always love it when a quilting plan comes together.
 After the quilt is done I have to sew the Binding onto the back of the quilt with my "Bernie" my old Bernina 830. 
You will probably notice this is not the same quilt I was working on in the photo above. This is an earlier photo of me binding another quilt, but hey I'm wearing the same shirt so I thought it would work well. LOL.
Then it is on to hand binding the front. I love these jelly thimbles they sell them at the quilt store I work at part time called Sew Flakes in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Here is the link to that product, http://www.sewflakesfabrics.com/asccustompages/products.asp?fav=0&fpage=1&page=1&categoryID=281&productID=28710&pstart=9&recNum=16
 This is my big green chair where I do all my binding. It used to be in the living room along with a couch an ottoman and a love seat that matched. But we sold everything except this chair so we could put in my second Nolting long arm machine into the living room. So now this chair is in the dining room next to a chair my husband sits in and we have our TV in there to. 
 I have my old 1952 Singer 301 next to my chair so I can do some piecing and watch TV at the same time.
This is a place of comfort and relaxation for me.
The binding is almost done but still have a little bit to do on it.
I love the look of these old reproduction fabrics.
These are reproduction Civil War fabrics, but the original fabrics which these are a copy of were possibly sewn on a machine like this. This is our 1879 Singer fiddlebase model 12 handcrank that sits in our foyer of our home. Singer started making the model 12 in 1865. The Civil War ended in 1865. I'm sure that some of the original Civil War fabrics were probably sewn on a the Singer model 12.  Who knows maybe even this one.

My husband Pete fixed this sewing machine up and brought new life to once again and it still sews a very nice straight stitch.  This old guy is 134 years old and works wonderfully. 


  1. Hey! I work with the exact same thimble - same color and everything. :) I love that you use your space in a non-traditional way that works for you. I think too many people get hung up on how spots in their home are "supposed" to be used.

    1. Most every room in our house except for the bathrooms is taken over with quilting and sewing. We live in a three bedroom house and do not have kids so we have our bedroom we sleep in which is the smallest bedroom, our master bedroom is quilting room one where I have the smaller long arm and three Bernia's. My cutting table is in the office with the computers and two surgers. of course our living room is taken over by the big long arm and an old Singer 301. My husband restores old all metal sewing machines, and they have pretty much taken over the garage. You can see what that looks like in this blog link,

      As a home-based business quilting encompasses our whole house so we live around the machines and quilt's. I do love that thimble, they sell them at the quilt store I work a part-time called Sew Flakes in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.