Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Biggest and Littlest Sewing Machines

My Biggest and Littlest Sewing Machines

This is a blog just for fun,
 My husband Pete thought it would be cute to put my smallest sewing machine and my largest sewing machine together for some photos.
 There is a really big difference in size between these two sewing machines.
These two sewing machines are my Nolting 24 inch long arm quilting machine and sitting on its bottom arm
is a Toy sewing machine he picked up and cleaned this last weekend. It is a Singer 40K made in the 1960s patterned after the 400 series of
Slant-O-Matics of the time.
  My large Nolting has a 24 inch throat or harp space, 
The little singer 40 K. has a 3 1/2 inch throat or harp space.
This little singer is a chain stitch hand crank child's machine.
Amazingly as you see on the photo above the hand wheel on the back of both these machines is around 3 inches. In fact the Singer 40 K. hand wheel is slightly bigger.
 Both of the bases of these machines is the same width as well as you can see in this photo above.
 Above is a shot taken from the other side of the quilting frame. I'm about to start on a customer's quilt after I figure out what thread color to use on it.

This photo above is my other Nolting long arm machine which only has a 16 inch throat, the little Singer looks much bigger in its harp space. This smaller purple Nolting helped me complete 200 quilts from January through October last year. Once I got my big green Nolting 24 at the end of October 2012 I've been using that one primarily but I still use what is now big green's little brother when I am working on more than one quilt at a time.

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