Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red Bud Quilt Run 2011

Along with my long arm in business I'm also an employee at Sew Flakes quilt store in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Where I live in Coweta is a suburb of Broken Arrow, and Broken Arrow is a suburb of Tulsa. But in all reality it all just runs together as one big city.  These last three days,  July 28th - 30th. We have had a shop hop called the, "Red Bud Quilt Run". It was a wonderful time as we had a couple hundred people come through the store and find many items to turn into beautiful projects. Our theme during that time was, "Pirates" because we had a Treasure Chest to give away as the store's Grand Prize.  I made a different pirate outfit each day. I am going to be posting the photos of those on here. My husband, Pete took photos of me each day before I went to work.  The first day I was the, "Thread Pirate".  If you've seen the movie the Princess bride you'll remember the, "dread pirate Roberts". So I decided to be the "Thread Pirate Ann". I had a large gold thread spool necklace, my Gold Jewels of course!  A bobbin and a sewing foot hanging from my hair.  And a Capt. Jack sparrow headband I made. My sword was my batting shears that I used to cut batting with when I'm making a quilt.

For day two of the sale I was the Shiny Blouse Pirate. I had a small thread spool necklace, my Capt. Jack sparrow headband. The same hairdo as the day before, except this time I'm carrying a wooden sword that my stepdad made in the ninth grade.  I made the pants as well.

On the third and final day of the sale. I was the Rotary Daggers pirate. Instead of two daggers I was armed to cut fabric with two rotary cutters at my side. My first mate, our 11-year-old cat, Oly bid me farewell as I sailed off to work. LOL!

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